Scholarship Program

ISAA Scholarship Program
Previous scholarship awards:

2007-2008 $1,000 to A.J. Appel of Joice, Iowa

2008-2009  $1,000 to Jay Hock  of Dallas, Iowa

2010-2011  $1,000 to Stephani Bisinger of Central City, Iowa

2010-2013  $1,400 to Isabella Schroeder of Des Moines, Iowa

2012-2013  $500 to Miranda Leek of Des Moines, Iowa

2013-2014  $1,000 to Joe Veith of Davenport, Iowa

2014           $250 to Colton Utley of Center Point, Iowa

2014-2015  $500 to Hunter Tuveson of Albert Lea, Minnesota

2015           $250 to Molly Veith of Davenport, Iowa

2015           $250 to Tymbrie Snoble of Central City, Iowa

2015           $250 to Zackary Bisinger of Central City, Iowa

The Iowa State Archery Association has a college scholarship program available to high school seniors. The applicant must be a current Iowa State Archery Association member to qualify and the amount of the scholarship will be determined by the scholarship committee.


Iowa State Archery Association
Scholarship Program
1. How can you become eligible for the ISAA Scholarship?
a) All applicants must be a senior in high school and enrolled in a recognized high school or possess a General Education Development (GED) diploma, or be a full time college student.
b) Applicant must have been an active member of the ISAA for a minimum of 2 years.
c) Grants will be awarded on an objective basis without regard to race, religion, color, creed, sex, national
origin, age, and physical or mental disability. Awards are made on the basis of participation in ISAA
activities. Other criteria include academic achievement, financial need, moral character, and such
additional criteria as may be deemed appropriate by the scholarship committee. Examples of such criteria
include results of performance tests, contributions to school and community, the students application
letters, archery endeavors, future goals, potential, reference letters, etc.

2. How many scholarships will be given each year?
The number of scholarships to be given each year will be determined by the Scholarship Committee,
based on funds available and the number of qualified nominees.

3. Will the scholarships be given to the person finishing high school with the best grade
point average?
Scholastic achievements are not the main requirement, but will be weighed in their proper balance during
the selection process.

4. How much will the scholarship amount per winner be?
The minimum amount will be $100, but the actual amount will be based on the amount available in the
scholarship program at the time of selection. Student may reapply each year. But the student will win only
two scholarships with a maximum total award of $1000 per student.

5. How can you apply for the ISAA Scholarship?
If you meet the qualifications, above, you may print a copy of the application form from the ISAA web
site or copy the application form from the ISAA Arrow hound newsletter. The completed application
must be mailed to: ISAA Scholarship Program, 1425 Plymouth Road, Mason City, Iowa. All applications
must be post marked by February 8th for award consideration for the end of the same school year. then use the link to the Iowa State Archery Association.

6. If I am selected to receive the ISAA Scholarship, when and how will I receive it?
A confirmation letter to the winner (s) of the ISAA Scholarship will be mailed in April. During August of
said year, the ISAA will forward the award in the form of a check to the cashier of the institution of
higher education of the recipient’s choice for deposit to the student’s financial account to be used as the
student sees fit. If the student decides not to attend an institution of higher learning, the amount will be
returned to the ISAA Scholarship Fund.

Applications and all accompanying letters for the ISAA Scholarship must be postmarked or emailed to
the ISAA no later than February 8th in order to be considered for the scholarship.